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Fort at La Toc Battery

La Toc, St Lucia


Fort at La Toc Battery Overview

La Toc Battery is an old fort previously garrisoned by British Colonial Forces. Today it is an historical site, with stone walls, secret underground passages, and provides visitors with a glimpse into a past world. There were 60 surrounding forts protecting the valuable coaling harbor at Castries, of which La Toc is the best preserved. It was completed in 1888 and in use until 1905. It was originally built by the British to repel attacks from the United States on harbor.

Property Description

On the property is a mass concrete\brick structure currently known as The La Toc Battery. The Battery which was built in the late 1800’s consists of two concrete gun pits let into an earthen rampart, with underlying magazines and a large was shelter behind.

The structure comprises four levels: Level 1 being the top level harbors the fire control position. Level 2 contains the opening for shell supply and telephone room. Level 3 comprise the shell store, lower end of shell lift, tunnel exit and artillery store and level 4 being the lowest, forms the cartridge store. The War Shelter and Lamp room is an addition to the original for which facilitated accommodation for gunners.

Along the top of Morne Fortune there are six military sites started by the French in 1768 and completed by the British by 1890. They include Fort Charlotte (Old Morne Fortress), the Apostle’s Battery (1888–1890), The Powder Magazine built by the French in the 1750s, Provost’s Redoubt (1792) built as a lookout point, and the Comber mere barracks.
With all that said, the best-preserved installation is the tiny battery at La Toc Point, which was completed in 1888. In only 17 years it was considered obsolete and was abandoned in 1905. You can get there by car or a 30-minute walk along the southern shore of the harbor and then following the road up the hill.

US$ 1,462,000.00
Standout features

88,262.00sq. ft. Sits on 2.6 acres on a hill

has a 20' x 20' room used as a museum

View of the Harbour

18 ton cannon

There were 60 forts in Castries and this is the only one saved

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Fort at La Toc Battery

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